Celebrity Apprentice – Week Three: Gene Simmons Joins the Girl’s Team

The teams meet with Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and Jim Cramer from the show Mad Money on CNBC to hear about their next challenge. Trump reminds the cast that Gene Simmons will receive $20,000 for his charity for winning the challenge last week. Trump then asks Simmons to lead Empresario for the current challenge. Simmons reluctantly agrees, then says that he’s the “king of all women” so he can easily guide them to victory.

The teams are to create a mobile printing experience for Kodak that the company can take worldwide. They’ll each be given a trailer and will need to create a sales station hyping Kodak’s new digital printing technology.

Gene Simmons

Benevolent Dictator

Simmons begins by telling the ladies of Empresario that he’s their “benevolent dictator,” meaning he will make all the decisions and they will execute them. He then begins brainstorming by himself, and settles on the phrase, “It’s a Kodak world… welcome.”

The Teams Meet With Kodak

Tito Ortiz is Team Hydra’s Project Manager. But that’s in name only. Like the previous week, Piers Morgan and Stephen Baldwin are really the ones running the show. In meeting with the Kodak executives, the team realizes that it’s really the ink that will sell the product. The ink costs half as much and is able to produce twice the output than their competitors.

Simmons felt that meeting with the Kodak officials was not his forte, so he sent Carol Alt and Nely Galán in his place. Galán talked over the client the entire time, missing the point of the campaign. Alt was unable to stop her.

Hydra Has a Major Setback

Hydra settled on the phrase, “The printing revolution that will knock you out” and decided to have team members Lennox Lewis and Project Manager Tito Ortiz pose wearing their boxing gloves next to the printer. Stephen Baldwin’s excitement about the project went a bit too far when he jumped off the boardroom table and spilled coffee all over the one computer that had all the graphics they had worked the previous eight hours to create.

Hydra was forced to go to an overnight printer to have graphics for their trailer. While Hydra understood the concept of what was needed to sell the product, the pixilated and sloppy looking banners did not help sell Kodak as a digital technology leader. Inside their truck, however, they showcased information about Kodak’s revolutionary new ink line.

Empresario, on the other hand, created a sharp looking trailer, but missed the point on the product placement.

Hydra Wins the Challenge

The Kodak executives felt Hydra listened to what they wanted and overall told a more complete and accurate message than Empresario. They also felt Galán’s refusal to listen during the initial meeting was extremely annoying. Hydra won its third straight challenge.

Gene Simmons Stands Behind His Losing Idea

Trump asked Project Manager Gene Simmons to bring two people back to the boardroom with him. He chose Omarosa and Jennie Finch, despite the fact that Trump strongly suggested he bring Galán back instead. Since Simmons brought two people back that had little to do with the challenge, Trump was forced to fire Simmons.

Gene Simmons