Bret Michaels Could be a Contender for Celebrity Apprentice

Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, May 2, 2010) gave viewers yet another view of the talents of rock star Bret Michaels and his ability to take a task from theory to winning concept. One big question remains, how do you actually spell his first name?

Celebrity Apprentices

The celebrity apprentice list was down to seven people on Sunday night,

  • Curtis Stone, master chef, bestselling author
  • Bret Michaels, award-winning, multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer
  • Sharon Osbourne, wife of rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne, talk show host, reality show star
  • Summer Sanders, Olympic swimmer, Today show correspondent
  • Holly Robinson, actress and author
  • Maria Louise Kanellis, wrestling diva and aspiring fashion designer
  • Cyndi Lauper, Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter

Bret Michaels Apprentice

Radio Advertising Task

The groups, Rocksolid with Sharon Osbourne, Bret or Brett Michaels, Maria Louise Kanellis and Tenacity with Holly Robinson, Summer Sanders, Cyndi Lauper, and Curtis Stone were given the task of creating three 30-second radio commercials for Clockwork Home Services Inc. The spots were to advertise Benjamin Franklin Plumber, One Hour Heating and Cooling, and Mister Sparky Electrical.

The celebs started out by having lots of fun making fun of the names of the three home services but eventually got down to business creating three radio spots that were professional, usable, and commercially viable.

Michaels was the project manager for the second time this season for Rocksolid. His team won. He took a chance and created a spot that made a joke about plumbers’ cracks after the company’s executive team asked him not to make fun of the plumbing service. Nonetheless, his team won over the executives.

Sanders was the project manager for Tenacity for the second time. While her team created a much more conservative group of radio ads, the conservative executives liked the more risking Rocksolid ads.

Someone Did Get Fired

This week’s boardroom included the Donald, his daughter Ivanka and for the first time, his son Eric. After the standard discussion of the project and the executives’ decision for the winner, Summer Sanders got fired.

It is getting harder each week to determine who to fire. Both teams have players that are business savvy, talented, and all seem to want to win. Sanders was a good project manager. She was organized, focused, had good business savvy, but in the end for this week’s task, she played it a little too safe.

Bret Michaels is a Contender

Michaels’s much published medical condition over the past few weeks adds a touch of mystery to this season’s ending. He has completed every week’s task with top-notch entrepreneurship skills. He does not present himself as the typical business executive but his decisions have been effective.

Regardless of how Michaels’ first name is actually spelled, he could be the winner on the season finale. His biggest competitors are Curtis Stone and Holly Robinson. Adding yet another twist to this season, Stone appeared on the Ellen show last week and told Ellen he had his appendix removed a few days before Michaels did.

The remaining celebs are tired and testy, yet determined to finish the season to win more money for their charities.

Bret Michaels Celebrity Apprentice