Celebrity Apprentice – Week Three: Gene Simmons Joins the Girl’s Team

The teams meet with Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and Jim Cramer from the show Mad Money on CNBC to hear about their next challenge. Trump reminds the cast that Gene Simmons will receive $20,000 for his charity for winning the challenge last week. Trump then asks Simmons to lead Empresario for the current challenge. […]

Oprah Announces End of Show: Remembering the Oprah Effect on Viewers

Forget apple pie! Nothing is as American as Oprah. For the past 24 years, Oprah Winfrey’s shows have sparked debate, enlightened minds, revealed the shocking, and soothed the hearts of millions of viewers throughout America. Her journey to overcome past abuse and seek personal, spiritual and financial fulfillment has transformed the lives of Americans. Since […]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: A New Venture on HBO

As though having four children doesn’t keep them busy… Brad Pitt, 43 and Angelina Jolie,32 are starting a business! Hollywood is abuzz this week with news that the two stars are teaming up professionally as well as personally. People.com and tons of other celebrity sites are reporting that the celebrity dynamic duo are going to […]

Roberto Cavalli Celebrates 40 Years In The Fashion World

The extravagant Italian king of fashion is celebrating his 40th year in the fabulous industry of glitz and glamor. Roberto Cavalli has dressed stars like Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford and the girls from Sex and the City. He even revealed the pregnancy of Jennifer Lopez to US gossip magazines in 2000 when he famously said […]