Christmas Day Celebrity Deaths: Famous People Joan Miro, Chaplin, Yoshihito, Capek, W.C. Fields

In like manner that famous people born on Christmas Day, December 25th, are profiled, in the spirit of the season, deaths are likewise remembered. Some celebrities who passed away on Christmas Day include Emperor Yoshihito of Japan, actor Charlie Chaplin, artist Joan Miro, author Karel Capek, and comedian W.C. Fields. May their achievements and contributions continue to inspire and encourage.

Karel Capek (1890-1938)

Czech novelist, playwright, and essayist. Capek’s initial education was philosophy before he became a journalist.

His works mainly focus on a person’s struggle against destiny. He is best known for R.U.R., a play involving robots, and his novel, War with the Newts.

Sir Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

English actor and filmmaker. Sir Charlie Chaplin was born Charles Spencer Chaplin. He is considered the greatest comedian of the silent era and a genius in mime and toured the U.S. with a pantomime group in the early 1900s. In his short films, he developed the Tramp – a wistful, pathetic soul in baggy pants, and moustache, which became very popular.

In 1919, he founded United Artists Films, with other prominent film celebrities Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Chaplin was famous for many movies, including The Gold Rush, The Circus, and The Great Dictator. He was honoured by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1973, and two years later, he was knighted.

Charlie Chaplin Death

W.C. Fields (1880-1946)

American film comedian. He was born in Philadelphia as William Claude Dukenfield. Fields was famous for his portrayal of a hard-drinking, misanthropic guy in such movies as Tillie’s Punctured Romance, My Little Chicadee and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. He was also famous for his role of Mr. Micawber in the classic film David Copperfield.

Joan Miró (1893-1983)

Catalan painter and graphic artist. Joan Miró was also famous for designing ceramics and sets for the stage. His early works showed fauvist and cubist influences especially in landscapes and portraits, but later, he turned to abstract and surrealism. He is most famous for his use of highly colored free-forms.

Joan Miro

Yoshihito (1879-1926)

Emperor of Japan, the son of Emperor Mutsuhito. Yoshihito was proclaimed crown prince in 1889, succeeding his father in 1912. He reigned only for 14 years. He was in control during the Great War and the 1923 Great Earthquake and saw the emergence of his country Japan as a world power. He was the father of Hirohito, the emperor more famous than his father.

Due to Yoshihito’s poor health, he often relinquished his duties to his son, Hirohito. He died in Haijima, Japan.