Celebs Share Favorite Moments on I’m a Celebrity: I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Episode 11

On the June 17, 2009 episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Episode 11, the celebrities reflected on their time in the jungle through art. Tomorrow night two celebrities will be eliminated.

Janice’s Dream

Janice told Stephen and John about an odd dream she had. She said a blonde woman shaved all her hair off. She got to a huge fight with this woman and ran away to jump in the river. Stephen told Janice that losing hair or teeth in a dream can signify death, and Janice started to question if Stephen could be right. Stephen went off on a tangent about how finding God could help Janice as it has helped Stephen. She didn’t seem to buy that, though.

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My Favorite Moment

The celebrities were asked to draw pictures of their favorite moments in the jungle. The exercise was enjoyed by everyone, and Janice said it brought out the artist in everyone.

Janice drew a picture of the camera she sees every morning, which didn’t surprise John because Janice loves the camera. John’s picture was of him meditating in the morning in the river. Stephen drew him reading his bible. Holly drew a picture of her and Sanjaya playing in the water. Sanjaya drew a river scene. Patti drew a special moment between her and John.

After sharing their pictures they decided who was playing what part in their dysfunctional family. The celebrities see Lou as the dad, Patti as the mom, Torrie as the sister who beats up the boyfriends and Janice as the crazy aunt.

Janice, Patti, John and Stephen Fight for Food

Janice and Patti battled John and Stephen in the food challenge. Janice insisted on being a part of the competition even though the team was against it. She said she no longer wanted to be the crazy aunt, but she still played the sick card.

To win the Chinese takeout the teams had to attach and climb a giant spider web collecting flags. The team that collected their flags the fastest was the winner.

Janice and Patti worked well together, but they moved sort of slow. Patti was very happy and confident with their performance, though.

John and Stephen worked with military precision. Stephen was the leader, but the pair worked together perfectly. They also worked extremely quick, which earned them the win.

Janice was very upset about the loss, and she told her team she felt the challenge was unfair and unmatched because she had just gotten out of the hospital. She also told Holly she was having heart palpitations during the challenge.

John and Patti, Friends Forever

The celebrities have noticed that a confusing friendship between John and Patti has formed over the past few weeks. Holly said the two are spending every second together, and Janice admitted to seeing them talk at five in the morning.

Stephen believes Patti’s good-girl image is starting to fade, and she has a hidden motive for wanting to be friends with John.

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No More Cooking for Sanjaya

Sanjaya felt bad about the women’s rice and beans so he decided to make them some pasta with a garlic and oil sauce. John is very controlling of his camp, and he was not happy about Sanjaya cooking again. John told Lou he did not want Sanjaya cooking anymore.

Sanjaya thought it was very nice of John to let him cook in his kitchen, and he was shocked to hear that John didn’t want him cooking anymore. John told him the pasta was too oily, and he should have done a better job.