Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan: Former Glamour Model Jordan Talks About Split With Peter Andre

In Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan, an interview televised in the United Kingdom and Ireland in July 2009, Price revealed she didn’t want to end her marriage and that Andre’s desire for a divorce came as a shock. The couple has two children together, Junior and Princess, and Price’s son, Harvey, from her relationship with football player Dwight Yorke.

Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan showed a clip of Price and Andre appearing together on the British Soap Awards in mid-May 2009, stepping out onto the stage holding hands and looking like a couple. The next day, however, it was all over. “Pete decided to dump me,” Price told Morgan, and revealed he moved out of the home they shared together. “He took the coffee machine, barbecue and his clothes.”

Katie Price’s Reaction to Divorce

Andre wanting a divorce came as a surprise to Price. “I wasn’t crying,” she said. “I was shocked. It was more like shock.” Price added she released her own statement on the separation because she wanted people to know it wasn’t an amicable split because she didn’t want it. “I didn’t want a divorce. I don’t want this split, I want this marriage to work,” Price said she told a friend soon after Andre’s news.

Despite the upheaval in her personal life and being the subject of headlines since the split was announced, Price told Morgan she was doing “really well.” She looked it, too, sitting composed in jeans and a sparkly yellow top, with her dark hair worn long on one side. Price has, she said, moved on.

The marriage to Andre is “completely over,” Price said in Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan, but admitted she loved him. “So in love,” she recalled, “it was love at first sight.” That first sight took place on the reality TV show, I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! where they were both contestants.


Katie Price Talks About Peter Andre

When Morgan asked Price, “What was the best thing about Pete?” Price replied with little hesitation, “The way he was with me. We just had a complete laugh …I fancied the pants off him. He was my everything, my total everything … I love the fact we were married and had kids.”

The marriage, Price admitted, “went wrong for ages ago,” and added that she and Andre sought marriage counselling and had made a pact not to go out without each other. Price’s nights out have always been a sore point in their union, and it was just the night before the British Soap Awards that Price was out in Bristol with friends — and without Andre.

Katie Price Out on the Town in Bristol

Photos of Price on that night out, drink in one hand and strewn over a man in another, were published in the newspapers the next day. Price explained her friends urged her to come out with them, and that she would be doing nothing wrong. She admitted that perhaps she should not have gone out at all, and clarified that the man in the photo was gay.

The photos didn’t go over well with Andre, who, Price also revealed in Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan, was suspicious of her relationship with the man who looked after her horses, Andrew. Price explained that Andrew was married with children, and there “never, ever” was anything going on between them. “I’ve never been unfaithful,” she said.

Katie Price Addresses Affair Rumours

Price recalled returning home in a good mood, after being with her horses, but Andre would think she was in a good mood because of Andrew. “Look, you’ve got to get it in your head there’s nothing going on,” Price said she told Andre. Price had previously revealed to Morgan in another interview that cheating would be a reason for the couple to call it quits.

Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan revealed to viewers when it all began to go wrong for Price and Andre. Going to America was catalyst for breakdown of the marriage, Morgan said to Price. “It appeared you lost respect for each other,” he added, after showing a clip of the two bickering in their reality show, Kate and Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside. Price agreed that they did lose respect for each other.

Katie Price and Peter Andre go to America

Price said she was bored in Los Angeles, where Andre was working on an album. “The America trip we should never, ever have done.” She didn’t want to keep working with Pete, either. “You’ve got to have your time, your freedom,” she said, in addition to spending time together as a couple.

Price told Morgan, “Never will I get back with Pete,” and showed him the X tattooed over Andre’s name on her wrist. Originally she wanted to get a scroll over it, she explained, but was told it would come out looking like a black blob. Andre will always be a part of her life, though, as he’s the father of her children. “He’s a brilliant dad,” said Price. “Absolutely brilliant dad, I would never take that away from him.”

Despite the end of Price’s marriage to Andre, she said she would like to be married again some day. This breakup came as a shock to Price, and she didn’t want a divorce. On Katie Price Exclusive With Piers Morgan, she appeared to accept the fact it was going to happen, pulled herself together, and learned from this relationship.

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