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Some Michael Jackson fans are saying they loved the This is It so much they wouldn’t leave their seats until the last credit rolled.

Raving about the movie on the country’s popular Trade Me online forum, Kiwi Michael Jackson fans called This Is It “awesome”, “amazing”, “brilliant” and “worth every cent”.

One MJ fan said not only did he go to the premiere night but he also saw This Is It the following day and planned to go twice more.

Another said the rave she gave This Is It prompted her 80 year-old mum to see it too. While MJs music hadn’t been quite the older woman’s cup of tea, she was totally taken with his brilliance and showmanship.

Michael Jackson Fans say This Is It Movie Performances Every Bit as Good as His Live Concert Performances

An MJ fan who’d seen Jackson in concert during the 1990s said his performances in This Is It were every bit as good as they had been in those earlier years. He still had all the moves and was a perfectionist in every way, she said. The way plastic surgeons had changed Michael Jackson’s “beautiful face” had always upset her but she barely noticed it during This Is It because she was too absorbed in everything else about him.

There was plenty of praise too for the myriad of other entertainers who were to have been part of Jackson’s concert tour. The This Is It movie footage was a testimony not only of Jackson’s talent but also of the skills and efforts of those around him, Kiwi MJ fans said. They were sorry that after so much hard work, those people would never experience what it might have been like on stage with Michael Jackson performing to packed arenas.


New Zealand Michael Jackson Fans Rating of This Is It Highlights

Noted This Is It highlights included Jackson’s pop anthem Thriller, with its stunning visual effects, and MJs Bogart like approach to his song Smooth Criminal.

But one fMJ fan summed it up for all when she said it was impossible to pick a favourite song, “ I just loved them all. To be quite honest I was so entranced watching Michael that I don’t take a lot of notice of what song it was. I just loved watching him move.”

The same woman said she respected the fact there was no reference to Jackson’s death in This Is It. She understood filmmakers’ avoided it out of sympathy for Michael Jackson’s children, to whom This Is It was dedicated.

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