Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: A New Venture on HBO

As though having four children doesn’t keep them busy… Brad Pitt, 43 and Angelina Jolie,32 are starting a business! Hollywood is abuzz this week with news that the two stars are teaming up professionally as well as personally. and tons of other celebrity sites are reporting that the celebrity dynamic duo are going to be co-producing a series for HBO. HBO has confirmed the news, first released by Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The Brangelina Show

Of course, it will be a feel-good, charitable-type drama, exploring an international aid society and its humanitarian quest to help others – perfect for the philanthropic actors.

The new cable series is being written by Scott Burns, who produced Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and co-wrote The Bourne Ultimatum. Burns is also writing the pilot of the not-yet-named new HBO series.

Both A-listers have had affiliations with HBO before: Brad Pitt is working as a producer on the forthcoming series Undaunted Courage, while Angelina Jolie won a Golden Globe in 1998 for her role in HBO’s Gia.

Angelina Jolie

At Home With Brad and Angie

The couple recently returned to their Los Angeles, where Angelina Jolie is filming The Changeling with Clint Eastwood, after some time in New York, where Brad Pitt was filming Burn After Reading. The bi-coastal couple must have very mobile childcare for Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara and Pax.

Recently the New York Post interviewed Psychotherapist/Social Worker Puja Hall about the effect of the international travel on the Pitt-Jolie children: Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1. Hall points out the kids may be at a disadvantage because of being uprooted from one school to another without a chance to bond with kids their ages.

“Maddox is an adopted child, so he already has a sense of abandonment,” stated Hall in the New York Post. “Kids that constantly move are like Army brats, in that very often they don’t want to open up to people.”

She added that Angie and Brad will eventually need to make a decision about where the kids will grow up.

“At some point, they will have to make some important choices so the kids can form those bonds and keep them,” Hall said.

But today Angie’s rep blasted back, saying the story is “unfair to them” and that “it’s nobody’s business what they do with their kids.”

Whether they choose to put themselves in the spotlight when they are older, it is inevitable that the kids are there now, since their international celebrity parents are the most paparazzi-sought-after couple in the world!

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