Roberto Cavalli Celebrates 40 Years In The Fashion World

The extravagant Italian king of fashion is celebrating his 40th year in the fabulous industry of glitz and glamor. Roberto Cavalli has dressed stars like Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford and the girls from Sex and the City. He even revealed the pregnancy of Jennifer Lopez to US gossip magazines in 2000 when he famously said she was getting harder to dress.

Yet, Roberto Cavalli had led a very simple childhood life. He was the son of a miner, Giorgio, who was killed by the SS when Cavalli was just three. His mother, Marcella, was a dressmaker and the daughter of a local artist. His father’s death was a turning point in Cavalli’s life from here on he began to be disrespectful, hanging around on the street corners, playing football with peers and not caring about school work or anything else. That was until Cavalli found his passion for fashion.

Roberto Cavalli Fashion World

Roberto Cavalli Enters The World of Fashion

While Cavalli was still studying he managed to capture the attention of major Italian hosiery factories. By the time Cavalli was aged 22 he had made enough cash to enabled him to enjoy the extravagant life style he had become accustomed to. A life full of fast cars and luxuries was a direct result from the money made from his fabrics. This was all down to him developing a revolutionary new way of printing patterns onto knitwear at The Florence Academy of Art.

He leaped into the world of fashion in the 1970s by producing a unique printing on leather. His ideas were revolutionary and by his own admission as told to Marie Claire magazine July 2010 they were also ‘very, very, very ugly’. After his first married lasted only a decade, in 1980 he remarried to an Austrian, Eva Duringer, who he had met when she was partaking in the Miss Universe contest of 1977.

Following the marriage the fashion extravagance which had become his trademark was on the decline. He almost fell out of love with fashion – then like a bolt out of the blue came another ingenious idea – he mixed denim jeans with Lycra to create stretch. These designs rejuvenated his collection.

Cavalli Set to Celebrate 40 Years in Style

Cavalli is a passionate Italian fashionista. In 2010, his animals prints have remained a subtle but integral part of his collections, which complement his revolutionary ideas and inspiration over the past 40 years. He is about to launch a new book to celebrate 40 years in the fashion industry. The book will contain photographs by Mert and Marcus with creative direction from Fabien Baron.

Cavalli’s lifestyle is one of extravagance he only keeps his yacht for business and entertaining his friends. However, he has denied any claims he was offer £500 million to buy his empire. He said to Marie Claire Magazine July 2010 ‘he hates the idea of anyone designing in his name almost as much as languishing in the luxury he has created for himself’.

Well Mr Cavalli success doesn’t come to you? You go to it and Roberto Cavalli is the true meaning of forty years of taking the fashion people on a successful journey along the catwalks of the world. Here’s to many more years Mr Roberto Cavalli.

Roberto Cavalli