South Park: Dead Celebrities Review: Mid-Season Premiere Pulls Out All the Stops


It’s back. South Park has returned for the second half of their 13th season. The premiere episode highlights the big stories that happened this past summer…celebrity deaths. Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and of course Michael Jackson are all profiled in this episode.

While this episode of South Park did not have a moral like many past episodes, it provided plenty of laughs which is why people watch South Park. It’s clear that Matt Stone and Trey Parker still know how to put a quality episode together.

Michael Jackson Possesses Ike

The episode begins with Ike seeing dead celebrities. So Kyle takes him to a ghost specialist to figure out why he is seeing these celebrities. The one celebrity that shows up quite a bit is Billy Mays.

Even from beyond the grave, Mays is still trying to sell fantastic products to the boys of South Park. One of the products being a way to get rid of the blood stains that appear on your underwear due to eating Chipotle.

Mays definitely serves no purpose in furthering the plot, but the imitation is spot-on. If you have seen any infomercials with Mays, you will no doubt get a kick out of watching this episode.

The other celebrity that makes quite a few appearances is Michael Jackson. Jackson inhabits the body of Ike because he can not deal with the fact that he is dead. The only way for Ike to get rid of Jackson is if Jackson plays out his fantasy of being a little white girl.

So the boys register Jackson in a little girls pageant. Ultimately, one of the judges’ favorite food is Chipotle and Cartman informs her of Chipotlaway in exchange for Jackson winning the pageant.

South Park Pokes Fun At Celebrities, Ghost Hunters and Chipotle

This episode of South Park had many victims. While the dead celebrities were not necessarily ridiculed except for Jackson, the television show Ghost Hunters and Chipotle were clear targets.

Before going to the ghost specialist, Kyle brings in the cast from Ghost Hunters. One of the cast members gets so scared that he develops a “wetness coming from his pants.” Over dramatizing the Ghost Hunters’ reactions provides great laughs.

It’s amazing how Stone and Parker can take something like Ghost Hunters, which has been around for quite some time, and tie it into something that happened recently. Not only that, but you don’t even have to see an episode of Ghost Hunters to laugh at the absurdity of the characters.

This was a good opening episode of South Park. It wasn’t preachy like many of the other episodes, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What made people watch South Park in the first place was the great comedy, and this episode had plenty of that.

Original Air Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

Season #13 Episode # 8

South Park Dead Celebrities